fast, affordable UK Government authorised HOME COVID-19 testing  |  PCR £64

Certification-as-a-Service for UKAS compliance

Contact us for remote Patient ID verification & Self-Sampling certification for UKAS testing providers, businesses, mass event organisers, and National testing programmes.

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Lab PCR Certified Testing - £64

- 10 minutes to self-sample & securely send.
- Same day result (if arrival in London lab by 1pm)
- Medical professional verification + certificate

For: Fit to Fly; Test to Release; Diagnosis & Diagnostic support; Screening
Not For: Day 2 and 8 Quarantine Tests

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Rapid Antigen Certified Screening - £249 for 12 screenings

- 20 minutes to sample & remote Point of Care test process
- 90 minute for confirmation of result
- Medical professional verification + certificate

For: Specific Country Fit to Fly; Diagnostic support; Screening; Mass events
Not for: Asymptomatic cases currently except Emergency Use by Government

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...Certific ensures that the test you have used is actually the test that you ordered and contains the same unique ID, and that you are the person who was supposed to do the test. read full article


Where Certific comes in is now there’s a way to get tested from anywhere in a trustworthy way, which we think is a 10x better experience, similar to TransferWise to move money from anywhere.

Taavet Hinrikus, Transferwise

[Certific] is using techniques borrowed from the worlds of fintech and telemedicine... in a bold attempt to solve remote testing’s adherence and trust problem. read full article