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About us

About Certific

Since March 2020, started by us as the COV-CLEAR volunteer COVID-19 response group, we have been researching and developing open source designs, tools and new computational techniques to improve home diagnostics - to help society cope with COVID-19. In June 2020 various industries asked us to make our systems scalable and we embarked on academic research into the economics of remote testing for mass events. We founded Certific.

By Dec 2020 we gained the world’s first ethics approval for a full capacity live event combining computational risk modelling and economical remote, rapid testing pre-event for all. To trust remotely taken samples or affordable rapid home tests is hard. We succeeded by combining our experience in medicine, computer science, security and technology. We have refined our certification process for remote testing over 4,000 times, and ever improving it.

Certific is available to labs, home sampling providers, companies or anyone who must know if that truly affordable home-test or home-sample for labs can be trusted: For flights, homes, offices, sets, restaurants, venues, stadiums…

For more information on Certific please visit https://certific.co/#about