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  • What Travel Test Packages do you offer and how can I purchase one?

    All our Travel Test Packages can be viewed and purchased in our online shop https://certific.chhp.com/

    • My arrival date is XXX, can I purchase a Day 2 & 8 Test from you?

      Please check our online shop https://certific.chhp.com/ for most up to date availability.

      • Does the price £139 quoted for Day 2 & 8 include 2 PCR tests?

        Yes, the package consists of 2 gold-standard PCR tests that have to be taken on Day 2 and Day 8 of your quarantine in the UK.

      • I have ordered tests from you, when will they arrive?

        Upon ordering, you will be asked to enter your arrival dates. Your test(s) will be shipped on the date of your arrival, which means that you will receive them on Day 1 (or Day 2 the latest) of your quarantine in the UK.

      • My arrival date is currently sold out, can I order tests using a date that is available?

        Due to your order being immediately tied to reserved lab capacity, we strongly advise against this. Also, you risk not receiving your tests in time. Check back later to see if dates have become available or turn to another provider on the UK Government approved provider list.

      • Do I need to buy a test package for my kids? 

        Children under the age of 5 do not need to take Day 2 Day 8 tests.

      • Do you ship tests to Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland?

        There are different rules to follow if you’re entering Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Please check the UK Government website for the most up to date advice.

      • When will I get my results?

        You will get your results the same day if the lab receives your sample before 1pm. If it doesn’t arrive before 1pm, you will get your results the following day.

      • Where can I find the booking reference to use on the Passenger Locator Form?

        After purchasing your package online, you will receive and email with information about your Booking Reference.

      • You haven’t asked me for any personal details while booking the test. How do you know who it’s for?

        We do not collect this information in advance. You will be asked to enter all personal information once you have logged into our App and are ready to take the test.

      • My travel plans changed, can I change the date of my order?

        If we have availability for the new date of your arrival, we will update your order with the correct dates. Please contact customer support on support.chhp@certific.co. If your dates are not available, we will refund your order (minus the admin fee). Please see our refund policy here https://certific.chhp.com/policies/refund-policy

      • My travel plans changed, can I cancel my order?

        Day 2 & 8 Tests have special UK Government administration overheads and while re-bookable or reusable with no extra cost, we charge a £5 cancellation fee per test. This means that if you wish to cancel an entire Day 2 & 8 package, you are subject to a £10 fee. Please see our refund policy here https://certific.chhp.com/policies/refund-policy.