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Trust at scale

Certific is CHHP's remote test certification platform to achieve trust at scale

Trusted certification quality:
Certific was founded to set new standards in decentralised testing process quality, affordably and equality. Our founding team have worked for two decades in remote patient monitoring, anti-doping and policing. We do not cut corners. And only work with partners who share the same mandate for quality as us.

Trusted patient privacy: Health-tech companies are notorious for collecting the most sensitive kinds of data imaginable and doing unimaginable things with those data, protected by small print and opt-outs. We are not like that. We treat our patients’ data with the same doctor-patient confidentiality as a medical consultation. We have gone far above and beyond all regulatory requirements to ensure the utmost privacy and confidentiality including simple, full-data visibility & deletion and establishing an Independent Ethics Committee for oversight into our diagnostics research and development efforts. This is our DNA and it will never change.

Trusted data security: Certific’s founders are internationally recognised for their 30+ combined years experience in global decentralised technology solutions for the medical and financial services sectors. Securing and protecting special category data and highly sensitive personal information at scale is sacred to Certific.

We very much welcome privacy and security experts to feedback to us their findings to help us improve others' trust in us.

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